Aurora Polaris by The Stitcher’s Habit 

Aurora Polaris by The Stitcher’s Habit

Copyright Carol Scott Higeli, The Stitcher’s Habit, 1997.

The Stitcher's Habit

Aurora Polaris by The Stitcher's Habit

Chart: This Stitcher’s Habit chart is print on a folded A3 cardboard sheet. Although hand-drawn, the symbols are large, clear and easy to see and differentiate. There are large swathes of single colour; no confetti stitching.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches, backstitch and blackwork.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, DMC Metallics, Kreinik blending filament and Mill Hill beads. Stitched on Zweigart 28ct “Blue Spruce” Linen.

Designer’s Notes: According to some Native folklore, the Aurora is “the dance of the animal spirits”, especially those of Deer, Seals, Salmon and Beluga. The Polar Bear – Ursus Maritimus or “Sea Bear” – is aptly named as it is able to swim distances greater than 60 miles without pausing for rest.

Why I was attracted to this design: The Polar Bear and cub are soooo cute!  And again it is on a darker background with I love. And it has metallics for the bling. Come on, look at those bears and tell me you don’t go “awwwwww …..”

So why haven’t I stitched it? I have has this chart in my stash for-evah!  However I always thought there were three charts in the same Polar Bear series.  Just now looking for them on the Stitcher’s Habit website. I can only find one other called Star Light. I hadn’t stitched this one because I wanted to acquire all three charts and then stitch all three of them on the same fabric.  Now I find there’s only two charts all this time.

Hmmm …. I’d better search through my stash and see if I have the other chart and a large enough piece of Blue Spruce or another similar dark blue. Hmm Maybe a nice piece of Picture This Plus Twilight might look nice? No Mel – no shopping!

Where can you buy it? Although Star Light is listed on many ONS sites, Aurora Polaris may need to be ordered in by special request, so I would suggest asking your favourite ONS or LNS.  The price should be the same as Star Light, $6 US .

Discussion questions:  What would you use as a replacement for boring old Blue Spruce?  Or would you leave the background plain as a hand-dyed would detract from the metallic bling of the titular Polaris?

9 Jan 2012: Confused on fabric
15 Jan 2012: Ordered Blue Spruce fabric :) and Tina found discontinued Kreinik blending filament
2 Mar 2012: All items arrived, so this is kitted and ready to start.