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Glitz & Glamour Onyx by DebBee’s Designs

Copyright Debbie Rowley, DebBee’s Designs, 2009.

Glitz and Glamour DebBees Designs

Glitz & Glamour Onyx by DebBee's Designs

Chart: This DebBee’s chart pack is a 36 page ringbound booklet. It has clear large diagrams of all the different stitches and spaces to list where we choose different threads from those recommended.

Stitches: Pattern uses Bargello, Rhodes diamonds, Satin stitches, Waffle stitches, Sprat’s Head triangles, Upright Waffle stitches, Herringbone squares and Straight stitch.

Materials: Rainbow Gallery Frosty Rays, Neon Rays, Fyre Werks, Gold Rush, Silk Lame, Cresta d’Oro and Patina. Kreinik #12 Braid and Micro Ice Chenille. Caron Collection Snow and Impressions and YLI Ribbon Floss. Stitched on 18ct Black Mono Canvas.

Designer’s Notes: “The smooth black of natural onyx is highlighted with touches of silver. Natural onyx ranges from black to white, but I chose to focus on the drama of all black for this design. I chose a 4-way Bargello style, with some large decorative elements. The decorative elements are stitched with different threads to give you a chance to play with the wonderful threads available.”

Why I was attracted to this design: I love black.  I love stitching on black and I love black designs.  I adore “Gothic” designs.  So a design that was layers and texture of black on black?  It was designed for me!  I had to have this !!!  I even have it completely kitted up!

So why haven’t I stitched it? I’m chicken :)  I haven’t stitched a Canvas Work piece this large yet so I have to “gird my loins”.  I also have to obtain a set of 12″ stretcher bars.  I always forget to add the stretcher bars when I’m placing an online order :(  {pause}

OK I’ve done it. I’ve just ordered a set of 12″ stretcher bars.  Actually I ordered a set of those fancy stretcher bars that can be micro-adjusted to keep them tight.  Well when the gods of International Shipping decide to be kind to me, you might just see this one become a WIP.  Remind me in a month or two if I haven’t mentioned that the stretcher bars have arrived.

Where can you buy it? This chart can be purchased via your LNS or ONS for $16US.

Discussion questions: Have you stitched any of DebBee’s designs? Do you like the Glitz and Glamour series?  Am I completely bonkers for stitching a completely black on black design?  Anyone want the chart when I’m finished?

4 Jan: Ready to start when stretcher bars arrive.
16 Feb: Stretcher bars have arrived. Definitely ready to start.