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Celtic Birds by Dette Designs

Copyright Bernardette Heaps, Dette Designs, 2007.

Celtic Birds by Dette Designs

Chart: This Dette Designs chart is print over a full A4/Letter sheet . Instructions, Floss list, key chart etc are printed on a second page.  The symbols are printed quite small, but there is no confetti stitching and care has been taken to differentiate the symbols, so this design could be stitched without the need to enlarge the design or make a working copy.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches, backstitch and blackwork.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton. Stitched on Zweigart 28ct “Dusty green” Jobelan.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love medieval beastiaries and woodcuts. These birds look like they have been directly from a medieval illumination. The bright colours are reminiscent of tempera pigments.

So why haven’t I stitched it? Not having heard of Dusty Green fabric or seen it, I left the design until I could find some in a sale somewhere along the line. That happened this January as part of a closing down sale.  So now I have the fabric, I can finally happily stitch this design :) And I am happy to finally find the fabric and see what it looks like in real person.

Where can you buy it? I don’t know if Dette Designs is still in business or not.  The Dette Designs website is defunct, but Camus International claim to be a distributor of their designs, so your LNS or ONS may be able to specially order this design from them. Alternatively you may be able to find a LNS or ONS with some older stock on hand.

Discussion questions:  I loved so many of Dette Designs charts and I hadn’t acquired many of them. I wonder what happened and why she’s not designing any more. Does anyone know?

5 May 2012: Ready to start