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The Witch’s Pantry by Lisa Cowell

Copyright Lisa Cowell, 2004-2005.

Lisa Cowell

Witch's Pantry by Lisa Cowell

Chart: This Lisa Cowell chart is spread over two oddly sized pages (8.5 x 14″). I presume this was an attempt to reduce illegal copying. The symbols on the chart are smaller than I would like, but they are clear and easy to read. There is a large overlaps of rows between the two pages for ease of transition. There is another chart on the third page showing all the backstitching and highlighting which threads are used for which backstitching.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches and backstitch.

Materials: Crescent colours cottons. Stitched on Charles Craft 28ct Black Murano.

Designer’s Notes: Even a witch needs her chocolate.

Why I was attracted to this design: At the time I was being called a “Witch with a B” by a few friends who shall remain nameless :) and I am a well-known chocoholic.  Plus it has the bold colours on black fabric that I lave so well and yet was so rare in designs at the time.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I bought this in 2005 or 2006, when I was first exploring the world of cross stitch on the Internet.  This chart calls for 21 different Crescent Colour thread colours. At the time I barely had the DMC I needed for the projects I was already stitching. I had no idea where to buy these threads let alone how to afford so many at once.

And then this chart languished in my stash, completely forgotten until now.  Looking through my threads this afternoon, I still only have 2 of the needed threads in my now huge stash :) I guess I just don’t have Crescent Colours in my stash.

Where can you buy it? Although this is an older chart, your LNS can still order it through Hoffmans.  Alternatively you can buy it direct from Lisa Cowell for $US10.

Discussion questions:  What was the first chart you bought that when you saw the list of items needed your heart sank? I have many others in my stash that need lots more threads and beads and treasures etc, but I remember that this was my first that had hand-dyed threads only with no DMC conversion available. So which was your first?

11 Jan 2012: Still needs to be kitted up.