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Toil and Trouble by Prairie Moon

Copyright Barbara Syburg, Suzanne Shead, Prairie Moon, 2010.

Toil and Trouble by Prairie Moon

Chart: This Prairie Moon chart is printed over two Letter/A4 pages with no overlap. The design is mostly a monochrome design,  with the symbols printed large, even the partial cross symbols are easy to see. There is no traditional backstitch used in this design.  There is only straight stitch and backstitch used to denote the crow’s feet and ingredient parts

Stitches: Pattern uses whole Cross stitch, fractional stitches, backstitch and straight stitch.

Materials: Splendor silks and Dinky Dyes silks. Stitched on Picture This Plus 32ct “Voodoo” linen.

Designer’s Notes: “Double double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, caldron bubble.”

Why I was attracted to this design: A beautiful Gothic scene from Shakespeare!  From Macbeth’s three witches. One of my favourite scenes and my favourite characters :) I love the vibrant colours Prairie Moon have injected into this piece! The touch of colour  in the cauldron is just fantastic!  This piece could really be stitched on any vibrant “Halloween” background fabric: bright purple, murky green, tarnished gold …

So why haven’t I stitched it?  Until Mum walked out with it this morning I had no idea this was in my stash!  I presume it was another acquisition from last Christmas’ closing down sales’ spendathon. I’ve been on a self-imposed stitching diet since that time, so even if I remembered I had this chart, I wouldn’t have bought the fabric for it yet.

Where can you buy it? This design is still in print and can be easily ordered by your LNS or ONS of choice. You should pay around $14.00 (US).

Discussion questions: Yesterday I mentioned on a stitching group that I planned on eventually stitching Ink Circles’ Spirited Mandala on the recommended Picture This Plus 32ct “Voodoo” linen as it would be a good excuse to stitch on orange fabric.  Then this morning out walks mum with this chart in hand which calls for the same fabric!  She fair gives me the willies with her sixth sense at times!

Have you had similar thing happen?  You’ve discussed a topic with someone, then someone completely unrelated happens to mention the same thing?

Project Status:
5 Apr 2012: Partially kitted.