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Forever Love by The Stitchworks

Copyright The Stitchworks Ltd, 2011.

The Stitchworks

Forever Love by The Stitchworks

Chart: The The Stitchworks chart is clear, easy to read and as this is a small design, the chart is on one page.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches and back stitch.

Materials: DMC cottons, Gentle Arts cottons, Weeks Dye Works cottons, Kreinik metallics and includes a plastic or bone button. Stitched 25ct White Lugana.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: Good question.  I usually violently oppose anything cutesy or pink.  I was the girl whose favourite dress was black with red bobbles (it was the 70s) and hated pastels and most of all pink. But I like this.  It’s simple and elegant without being frilly or over-the-top. Also it appeals to the romantic in me.  She’s kept locked away by the cynic most of the time by she does escape occasionally.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  I bought this early last year on a whim as soon as it was released but I didn’t own a skerrick or 25ct fabric.  Also I was trying to stick to the rotation of projects I was stitching at the time.  Fast forward to December 2011 I find a piece of 25ct white or off white fabric in my stash (from the ubiquitous Needle Delights Closing Down Sale) and I give it to a friend for Christmas completely forgetting which design I bought it for.  These things happen.  And if I wasn’t writing this project for this blog, I never would have connected the two.

Also I think I had vague notions of including more hand-dyed threads.  Only two of the balloons are in hand-dyed threads, one Thread Gatherer and one Weeks and the white hearts inside the balloons are in Kreinik metallics – the rest are straight DMC.

Where can you buy it? This can be bought via your LNS, ONS or direct from The Stitchworks for $8US

Discussion questions: How would you think this would look on a sky blue and white mottled background? So it looks like balloons in a sky? It has a button on it and I usually use the exact size called for when the charts come with charms or buttons.  In this case do you think that is essential or could I get away with a 28ct? What other colours would you use to replace the DMC? Has anyone else stitched this? Do you like or dislike this design?  Why?

3 Jan: Partially Kitted
25 Jan: Waiting on fabric
2 Mar: 25ct Barely Blue Fabric arrived! Now ready to start stitching.