I Think by JAR Designs 

I Think by JAR Designs

Copyright Pamela Gardner, JAR Designs, 2005.

I Think by JAR Designs

Chart: This small JAR Designs chart is printed over two A4/Letter sheets with a three-row overlap on each page to assist with placement. As there is only one colour used for cross stitch, there are no concerns with needing to differentiate between the symbols. The chart is printed large with each of the symbols and backstitch lines easy to see. The backstitch lines and Smyrna Stitches are printed nice and dark. Permission is given for a working copy to be made if you feel the need.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch, backstitch and Smyrna stitch.

Materials: JAR Designs hand-dyed cotton. Stitched on Brussels 26ct “White” linen. The chart and floss were bought as a kit.

Designer’s Notes: None. I think Therefore I’m single.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the sentiment! They say love is blind and just recently a study was released that proves you don’t make as rational decisions when you are in love. Well I have personal history of that!  This one just sums up my attitude to all those relatives who think I am incomplete without a partner.

So why haven’t I stitched it? Actually I have. I stitched this for a friend for Christmas a little while ago. This is the second kit I bought to stitch up for myself. Having stitched it once I guess I wasn’t that much in a hurry to stitch it immediately a second time. I do like it though so I should stitch it soon!

Where can you buy it? With JAR Designs now seemingly out of business, this chart is pretty much out of print.  It can bought at the rare ONS or LNS or check eBay.  Alternatively, let me know in the comments and I will pass on my copy to one of you as soon as I finish stitching it.  The good news is that Needleworkers Delight sells a full range of JAR Designs fabrics and floss!

Discussion questions: Does the Capital T on Therefore annoy you on this design?  Are you bugged if the punctuation and grammar is incorrect on a design?  Fabric – should I stitch this on white or try a different colour this time?

Project Status:
18 June 2012: Fabric queries yet again ….