Medieval Masterpieces by Edie and Ginger 

Copyright Sarah Smithson, Connie Ashman, Edie and Ginger, 1980.

Medieval Masterpieces by Edie and Ginger

Chart: This booklet contains four charts: Medieval Children with Deer, Medieval Lady with Wolf Hound, Medieval Jester and Medieval Knight and Lady. These are seen running vertically down the bellpull on the left side of the chart cover. As this was published in 1980, the charts are hand drawn. Unfortunately they are drawn quite small and rather messy.  Definitely an “enlarge and use patience” job for these charts.  Fortunately they use whole cross stitch only. Each chart printed on separate sections on each page. Except for the Medieval Lady with Wolf Hound! The chart is printed as the middle page spread and the staples go right through the chart (sigh).

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch only.  Each chart is specifically designed to be stitched on as counted cross stitch or Needlepoint. Basic instructions are given for Continental stitch and Basketweave stitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton on Evenweave fabric or DMC wool on 18ct Mono Canvas.  There are no fabric details given.

Designer’s Notes: Fantasy and elegance, richly patterned brocades, silks from the East; all these characterized the clothing of the rich in the late 15th century. Fashion trends usually originated in the court of the Duke of Burgundy, who ruled over a comparatively peaceful area of what is now France. There also was influence from the Orient; fabrics and fashions brought back with the trade developed after the Crusades.

Why I was attracted to this design: I was in the SCA, I bought this at an SCA market day, I was in love with anything medieval.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I *loathe* the Victorian Neo Classical and Neo Medieval movements. It’s more than a bug bear. Watching a documentary or news report where they display a Victorian piece *as* Medieval is a big red shiny button that will have me ranting and raving and throwing things at the TV.  These pieces have been charted from Victorian neo medieval designs, not from real Medieval artworks.  These pieces would drive me batty every time I looked at them.

So free to good home :) If you have not asked and received a Project-a-Day chart and you like the sound of these charts (Some people adore Victorian Romantic!) then comment below in the next seven days.

Where can you buy it? This one is long out of print and unfortunately Edie and Ginger have also retired. This chart does pop up now and then on eBay or Amazon for around $10US.

Discussion questions: Do you have a bug bear in your designs?  Is there a genre or subject or even a motif you just wont stitch?

29 Feb: Comments Open to give away