Milk Minou by Madame la Fée 

Milk Minou by Madame la Fée

Copyright Madame la Fée, copyright date unknown.

Milk Minou by Madame la Fée

Chart: This Madame la Fée chart is printed over five Letter/A4 pages. The pages have no overlap rows. The symbols are printed very large and easy to distinguish. I bought my copy direct from Madame la Fée and all of the instructions are in French only.  Some of the resellers state their copies have instructions in French and English.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole Cross Stitch only. Pattern uses two strands for the cat and milk and one strand of floss for the bottles.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton. Stitched on 32ct “Natural” linen.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the cat in this design, each pose seems so natural, and the cutesness of knocking over the glass milk bottle. It is a strip or vignette that brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  As per usual I want to change the background of the fabric.  It looks quite yellow on the cover pic, but natural is quite a beige brown colour. I’d like to see this on a different background, but I don’t know what. Any suggestions?  Sky Blue?  or a Grey for a stone step? Or would you stay with the natural?

Where can you buy it? This design is still in print and can be easily ordered by your LNS or ONS of choice for around $16.00 (US). Or you can buy this direct from Madame la Fée as a chart for €9.00 (Euro) or as a kit for €45.00 (Euro).

Discussion questions: Any recommendation on an alternative fabric to use for this?  Or even just a sugestion on colour to get me started looking in the right direction?

Project Status:
29 May 2012 – Still kitting up.