Most of My Money by Forever in My Heart 

Most of My Money by Forever in My Heart

Copyright Lynda Orme, Forever in My Heart, 2006.

Most of my money by Forever in my Heart

Chart: This Forever in My Heart chart pack is printed on a folded, double-sided Mauve A3 card. The chart and stitching instructions fill the inside of the fold.  The symbols are small but easy to see. As each word is its own colour, there’s no concerns about differentiating individual symbols.  There are placement numbers given for each of the  buttons used on the design.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches and buttons.

Materials: Crescent Colours cottons and Just Another Button Co buttons. Stitched on Picture This Plus 28ct “Legacy” linen.

Designer’s Notes: It’s probably best not to calculate the amount of money we have spent on our passions, but rather we should count it as feeding our souls and satisfying a need that must be fulfilled. Here’s to cross stitch and chocolate and money well spent!

Just Another Button Company has tons more buttons you could add to the ones I’ve chosen. Pick as many or as few as you like. My husband made me stop adding chocolate buttons or I’m afraid I would have covered the piece in those darling chocolate drops! Of course, the thread I chose matched the darling spools so perfectly, I found myself wanting to sprinkle a few more here and there. Don’t be shy if you think yours needs more. It will be fine to personalize your stitching with what makes you happy.

Why I was attracted to this design: This sentiment describes my habits to a T :)  As this blog attests, I have spent a lot of money on cross stitch. As a chocoholic, I spent money on chocolate weekly :)

So why haven’t I stitched it? I only obtained this chart recently at a closing down sale at Christmas. I need to purchase all the threads, buttons and fabric to stitch this.  This definitely needs to be stitched, framed and hug on the walls of my stash room :)

Where can you buy it? This design appears to be out of print. I cannot find a website for Forever in My Heart. Hoffmans lists some of their designs, but not this one.  I recommend checking a LNS or ONS that stocks older designs or the ubiquitous eBay. Otherwise, comment below and I’ll pass on my chart when I finish it.

Discussion questions: Do you like meta designs?  Designs about us as stitchers?  Which is your favourite?