Naturalia by Isabelle Vautier 

Naturalia by Isabelle Vautier

Copyright Isabelle Vautier, Creations Isabelle Haccourt Vautier, 2010.

Naturalia by Isabelle Vautier

Chart: This Isabelle Vautier chart is printed on a single A4/Letter page.  It is a monochrome design so the small x symbols are easy to see even though the chart is small. The backstitch lines are shown as thin red lines; very easy to see and extremely easy to follow.  The whole chart is very easy to follow.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch and backstitch. This design could easily be stitched as a one-over-one project.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton. Stitched on Zweigart 30ct “Ivory” linen.

Designer’s Notes: [Translated from the original French using Google Translate] This model has given me to twist the thread! I found it dull in a thread in another color and then restitched it in good old classic red and naturally it makes much better …

“Naturalia” is a call of spring and a tribute to this beautiful nature (here I am writing in the pouring rain!! And spring is still looking!) It is watered eh: 0))

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the motifs in this design, the birds, butterflies and love hearts, but mostly I love the flowing leaf motifs.  When I first saw this as a small picture on my monitor I thought they were feathers like tail feathers from a phoenix. Now that I have the chart right in front of me I can see that they are leaves or ears of grain. Either way I love the curving beauty of them.

So why haven’t I stitched it? OK this is going to sound really weak. All of the instructions, materials, etc are written in French.  Until very very recently the online translation sites just haven’t been good enough for me to feel comfortable that I’m understanding the material properly!

In one of the other designs, I discovered that a collection of words around a DMC number was actually an unfamiliar hand dyed thread name and manufacturer with the DMC equivalent listed.  I wasn’t sure if in her other designs, including this one, that there weren’t other pieces of similar information that I was missing.

Thankfully Google Translate seems to be a pretty good online translation site.  It certainly seems to have a better algorithm than the Yahoo site or the original Babelfish.

Where can you buy it? I don’t know of any major US or UK ONS that stocks Isabelle Vautier charts, but you might be lucky with your local LNS! Otherwise you can order her charts through some of the European online stores. You should pay around €9.00 (Euro) for this chart.

Discussion questions: OK so now we know this design is simply DMC 815 on Ivory linen, I’m thinking of changing it.  Perhaps a hand-dyed red/dark red combination on a cream background.  Or have the alphabet stitched in a completely different colour, as was done in Isabelle Vautier’s Fairies Love.  Any thoughts?

Project Status:
8 July 2012: Completely up in the air on fabric and floss