Pharaoh’s Hound by Couchman Creations 

Copyright Karen Couchman, Couchman Creations, 1999.

Pharaoh's Hound by Couchman Creations

Chart: This Couchman Creations chart is printed on a folded A2 glossy heavy paper sheet. The symbols are a little small, but the chart is nice and clear and very easy to read.  The horizontal and vertical creases do run straight through the chart so the symbols are rubbing off.  I would highly recommend copying the chart in sections and stitching from the working copy as the original is a little fragile along those folds.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch, fractional stitches and backstitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cottons only. Stitched on 28ct “Rustico” Vienna Cloth.

Designer’s Notes: The pictographs surrounding Neferaka, the Pharaoh’s Hound, are a tribute to this regal dog and a rough translation is as follows:

“The eyes of Horus watch from above and gives praise to Maat, Goddess of Order, who gives life and protection to all. Praise be to Anubis who summons Neferaka to protect the spirits passing into rebirth in the after-life. Neferaka sees all the fires of life passing through the gates of heaven. Anubis adores Neferaka and rejoices in him for all time.”

Why I was attracted to this design: I have a fondness for history and especially for Ancient History. I love both this design and the companion piece Pharaoh’s Pet which I hope is also in my stash somewhere. I’ve seen these stitched up and there is a real depth to the designs that comes through in the finished pieces.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  When I first bought this design, a colleague in my library had just stitched both of these and they looked huge!  A daunting task! I had never girded my loins enough to decide on a fabric and just start in.  I think seeing them in the flesh psyched me out!

Where can you buy it? Couchman Creations is an Australian company. They don’t have a website, but Ozstitch appears to be selling digital downloads of Pharoah’s Hound for $AUS5.50. You can also try eBay if you want a print copy of the design.

Discussion questions: Looking at them now, the designs each fit on 17 x 25″ for 28ct – that’s only a fat quarter each. That’s not big at all!  For the background fabric, I’m thinking a nice Parchment would work – perhaps the Sparklies Parchment.

What project have you psyched yourself out of starting?  How did you overcome it?  Or haven’t you?

Project Status:
3 Mar 2012 – Partially kitted