OK so I pushed myself too hard writing a posted every day for this blog. My health wasn’t up to it and for the last month or so it took all of my mental energy just to write the blog post. There was none left over for replying to comments or emails or writing on my main blog or figuring out stitching pattern directions or …

So I started to resent the project I had tied myself. Knowing that once I had cudgelled my brain into writing up the project post, scanning and adding the pictures, editing and posting, my cognitive abilities were a seething puddle of useless pudding that screamed in pain for the foreseeable future.

So eventually I stopped.

I will start blogging here again soon. I do like writing about these projects. I do enjoy displaying some of these designers to an audience :)  But I will write at a slower pace, I will write on good days when I think I have adequate mental resources. I will give myself more time to read and respond and chat with you wonderful people who comment on each post before I put up the next post.

So post will begin again, they will unfortunately be erratic, but that is the nature of my illness. I will also interact more with comments.

If you want to put up a guest post here please comment below as I’d love to see what other people have languishing away in their blogs :)