Scarlet Unspoken by Dimples Designs 

Scarlet Unspoken by Dimples Designs

Copyright Terrence Nolan, Rex Holt, Dimples Designs, 2003.

Dimples Designs

The Scarlet Unspoken by Dimples Designs

Chart: In this Dimples Designs pack, the chart is shown three times. Once over a number of pages in large clear easy-to-follow symbols and a second time so you can see how it all comes together and a third time on one page showing the final over-stitching to finish the design.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches and backstitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, Kreinik blending filament, Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid and Mill Hill beads. Stitched on Wichelt 32ct “Lambswool” Linen.

Designer’s Notes: None. This design does have the companion piece Blue Mariah, also in my stash :)

Why I was attracted to this design: I love historical costuming and these two charts appealed.  They were of corsets, but the charts weren’t smutty or sleazy or titillating. They were elegant, almost art pieces.  I like that.

So why haven’t I stitched it? These charts have been in my stash for years and years, since around 2005?  Back then, and to some extent now, if the pattern calls for a specific hand-dyed or coloured fabric I liked to get *that* fabric.  If it was a white or neutral background I would change it with ease, but not a coloured background.  In all these years, I have still never had my hands on a piece of “Lambswool” fabric to see what it is supposed to look and feel like.  So I haven’t felt comfortable changing it out and choosing a different fabric for these charts.  I suspect the Zweigart Lugana “Potato” I have in my stash would work just as well, but I’m hesitant because dammit, I want to see what this Lambswool is.

And when you as many charts in your stash as I have and as many Works in Progress and as short an attention span – that is all that is needed, to keep beautiful charts like these from being stitched.  And no, I’m not putting an order in for Lambswool today. Buying the fancy Stretcher Bars yesterday took this fortnight’s stash budget :)

Where can you buy it? This chart can still be bought from some LNS or ONS for $8US or UK5.63 .

Discussion questions: So what do you think – Is Zweigart’s Potato an acceptable substitute for Wichelt’s Lambswool? Have you stitched a Dimples Design chart – what did you think of it?

6 Jan 2012: Confused on fabric
9 Jan 2012: Decided to stick with the Lambswool. So now to wait until I can afford to continue kitting.