Star Maiden by Witches Stitches 

Star Maiden by Witches Stitches

Copyright Anne Marie Garrison, Witches Stitches, 1998.

Star Maiden by Witches Stitches

Chart: This Witches Stitches chart pack is printed on a double-sided, folded A3 sheet with a cover of a glossy A4 heavy card. The actual chart is printed on the inside of the folded A3 sheet. The symbols are small, but easily distinguished. There are large swathes of single colours used throughout the design and the backstitch does not obscure the stitching underneath.  I would prefer to enlarge the chart, but it can be stitched as is.

Stitches: Patterns uses whole Cross Stitch, fractional stitches, backstitch, French Knots and Beads..

Materials: DMC Stranded cottons, DMC metallics and Mill Hill beads. Stitched on Wichelt 22ct “Royal Blue” Hardanger or 14ct “Delft Blue” Aida.

Designer’s Notes: Hear ye the Words of the Star Maiden, She in the dust of whose feet are the Hosts of Heaven, and whose Body Encircles the Universe …

Why I was attracted to this design: I have (and have had over the years) a number of Wiccan friends and I thought a design that included a version of The Charge of the Goddess would be a perfect gift.

So why haven’t I stitched it? To be perfectly honest I’m rubbish as present stitching.  I have great intentions and select perfect designs for each person but I just don’t seem to finish the projects.  The friend in my life that I think this would be best suited for, well I currently have three other projects for her in partial stages of progress – I can’t see the point in starting a fourth! This is definitely one that is in the stash because the right person and time to stitch will come along (again).

Where can you buy it? Witches Stitches has closed their doors. I recommend trying eBay or a LNS with older stock. Alternatively, push me into starting this one sooner by suggesting a friend I should stitch this up for :)

Discussion questions: Do you have a chart in your stash or just one you know of that you would love to stitch up, just as soon as you find the right person to stitch it for?  Which chart is it?

Project Status:
15 May 2012 – Partially kitted