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Arbor Cat by Cross-Stitch-Art

Copyright Patricia Emlet, Cross-Stitch-Art, 2009.

Arbor Cat by Cross-Stitch-Art

Chart: This Cross-Stitch-Art chart is printed on a single Letter/A4 sheet of paper. The symbols are small, but the chart is quite simple in design so it is quite easy to follow. The design consists of four shades of blue DMC floss on white fabric. There is no confetti stitching and the design flows across the page.  The chart pack also includes two pages of instructions or guidelines on “how to stitch” and “finishing your project”.  There is another half page of diagrams and instructions detailing how to stitch the muzzle and whiskers.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch with some fractional stitches and backstitch around the muzzle and whiskers.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton. Stitched on 28ct “White” evenweave.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love cat designs. I love minimalist designs. I love different art styles. This design combines all of these loves. It is so elegant.  I have already stitched a companion piece in this series Garden Cat.

So why haven’t I stitched it? This one is a victim of simple bad timing I’m afraid.  Every time I’ve noticed it in the stash, I’ve just been too busy with other projects on my plate.  I’ve had it kitted up and ready to start ever since I finished Garden Cat. To be honest, I checked I had a large enough piece of material for Garden Cat, Arbor Cat and Waiting before I started stitching the first one.

Where can you buy it? You can  buy the chart direct from Cross-Stitch-Art for $8.00 US or as a kit for $21. 00.

Discussion questions: Do you like this minimalist style in only four shades or do you think it looks a little jarring and should have a more subtle blending.  Afterall, we are translating a watercolour style of art … I am interested in other points of view on this one.

Project Status:
27 Mar 2012 – Long past time this should have been stitched!