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Barney Stonerich by Calico Crossroads

Copyright Claudia Twede, Linda Connors, Calico Crossroads, 2000.

Barney Stonerich by Calico Crossroads

Chart: This Calico Crossroads chart is printed on one A4 side of a double-sided, folded A3 cardboard sheet. The fractional stitches on Barney’s face are a little small and crammed together but overall the chart nicely balanced and the full-sized symbols and specialty designs are easy to see and follow. The chart pack includes four brass charms.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches, backstitch, French Knots, Rice stitches, Scotch stitches, Smyrna crosses, Straight stitches and Beading.

Materials: Anchor stranded cotton, Gentle Arts Sampler Threads cotton, Weeks Dye Works cotton, Kreinik #4 Very fine Braid metallics, Mill Hill Seed Beads, Mill Hill Glass Treasure and Brass charms. Stitched on Zweigart 25ct “White” linen.

Designer’s Notes: None.  This is part of the Claudia Twede holiday series which included Sophie Springfield, Rose Buddington. Crysantha Mumford, Flora Greenleaf and Valentina Hartman.

Why I was attracted to this design: To be honest, I wasn’t.  This came as part of a bulk lot of Calico Crossroad charts I bought on eBay many years ago when I started collecting the Kats by Kelly adaptations.

So why haven’t I stitched it? Like most Australians I have a mixed heritage but I don’t think there’s any Irish in there, certainly none I feel any affiliation with.  St Patrick’s Day in Australia appears to me to be an excuse for folk to get rowdy and drunk on green beer.  It’s not been something I’ve ever celebrated or joined in on.  As for this chart, although it has a few specialty stitches, I’ve never liked it enough to stitch it or found the right person or situation to pass it to.  So now is the time; free to good home.  We’re pulling a few of these lately!

Where can you buy it? All of these older Calico Crossroads charts are out of print.  But this has been a recent development, so you may be able to find these in LNS that keep older stock. They also appear quite regularly on eBay. Otherwise, comment below: I will select from the commenters in one week.

Discussion questions: What is it about St Patrick’s Day that made it so universal? Do non-Americans celebrate Fourth of July?  Do non-French people celebrate Bastille Day, or non-Aussies celebrate Australia Day?  I’m interested in all thoughts, ideas, perspectives?  Speak up with any ideas you have :)

2 Apr 2012: Free to good home