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Carrelage by Long Dog Samplers

Copyright Julia Line, Long Dog Samplers, date unknown.


Carrelage by Long Dog Samplers

Chart: This Long Dog Samplers chart is printed over three double-sided Letter/A4 pages with a ten-row overlap. The symbols are large and easy to see in this monochrome design, so there’s no problem following the pattern. If you mark of your chart, I would recommend making a working copy; chart panels on both sides of the page can become messy.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch only so is ideal to be stitched one-over-one or as canvas work.

Materials: Stitcher’s choice of floss and fabric. The Long Dog website shows an example of this chart stitched in Gentle Art `Soot` floss on 18ct “White” Aida.

Designer’s Notes: Carrelage has been inspired by some of the remarkable floor tiles which can be found at the Château de Langeais situated in Indre-et-Loire, France. The château was originally built as a fortress in the 10th century but was virtually destroyed by the English during the Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453). The castle was rebuilt about 1465 during the reign of Louis XI. Château de Langeais now stands as one of the finest examples of late medieval architecture and is especially noted for its richly decorated rooms.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the motif-based designs from Long Dog.  I love how Julia has so deftly included the date and stitcher’s initials in amongst the motifs. The border is gorgeous and the motifs are small enough that I could feel like I’m making progress in regularly small increments :)

So why haven’t I stitched it? I don;t actually like this one as a monochrome.  I would like to stitch this as a coloured piece, but I haven’t the confidence in my ability to get out the coloured pencils and go for it.

Where can you buy it? This design can be easily ordered through your LNS or ONS for $14.50 (US). Alternatively if you are desperate and can send cheques in Euros, Pounds or an International Money Order, you can order the design direct from Long Dog Samplers for €9.00 (Euro).

Discussion questions: How would *you* stitch this?  Monochrome or multicoloured?  Thoughts? ideas? inspirations?

Project Status:
3 June 2012: Highly confused and dumfounded as usual.