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Copyright Caroline Cantieni, Lilipoints, 2007.

Friend by Lilipoints

Chart: The chart is printed over four panels on a folded glossy A3 page.  By printing the chart in sections over four panels, there are no symbols near the creases in the paper.  None of the symbols will rub off with repeated folding and unfolding of the chart.  Also the glossy paper makes it easy to wipe off muddy cat footprints.  Why yes it has been raining heavily here lately :) The chart symbols are printed small, but the chart is so simple in design, that you can follow it without much difficulty. Designer does not give permission to make a working copy. All Lilipoints charts provide instructions in French and English.  As an English-only speaker, I am so greateful for this courtesy!

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch only.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton stitched one-over-one on Zweigart 25ct “Natural” linen.

Designer’s Notes: A nice quote for your best friend.

Why I was attracted to this design: The quote “A friend is someone who knows everything about us but loves us anyway” is one I’ve used for years. I’ve got the fridge magnet! I’ve had the birthday cards!  The only version I’ve had on more merchandise is “You’ll always be my friend – you know too much”.  Ironically those items were given by people who aren’t friends anymore … Whereas those who gave the sentiment on the Lilipoints design *are* still my friends!

So why haven’t I stitched it?  Sometimes I just browse my stash and a chart will jump in my hand and say “stitch me for so-and-so”.  So this one was in the stash waiting for that to happen. The voices haven’t told me who to stitch this for yet. Who the right person is, who do I feel the right level of kinship with and who would appreciate the bright colour combo.

This is stitched with just four shades of DMC on natural linen.  Well I wont be stitching it on natural.  I’ll probably stitch it on Cream or Ivory.  I know. It’s OK, I’m not sick. With bright colours like this, a plain off-white background is perfect just to let them pop.

Where can you buy it? Lilipoints is definitely still in business. French designers are still stocked more often in UK and European stores, but can be found increasingly in LNS and ONS in US, so ask your favourite. You should pay around $12.50US for this design.

Discussion questions: Have you ever bought a chart or kit with the intention of giving away the finished item, but not knowing who that will be? Or do you always decide before you buy the bits?

Project Status:
2 Mar 2012 – Ready to start but don’t know who to start it for.