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Galatea by Passione Ricamo

Copyright Laura G. Lattuda, Passione Ricamo, 2007.

Galatea by Passione Ricamo

Chart: This Passione Ricamo chart is print on a huge A1 size sheet of folded paper. Very unwieldy to work with. The symbols however, are large, clear, easy to see and differentiate. You are allowed to make a working copy of the pattern which should allow you to use a working copy of parts in manageable chunks.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, partial cross stitch, backstitch and beads.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, Rainbow Gallery Splendor silks, Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid and Mill Hill beads. Stitched on Polstitches 28ct “Stormy Seas” Lugana.

Designer’s Notes: Fine threads of pearls adorning her hair, coral-red starfishes clipping her curls, blue-green eyes and a sinuous body… Galatea the mermaid, whose name means “milk-white” still swims in the depths of the Mediterranean sea, in the waters between the sunny Sicily and the Isle of Capri …

The Italian tradition as well as the mythology describe her like the most beautiful of the three “Iliade” and you can read about her in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, but the myth of her love story is even older, and you can still hear it from our fishermen in Sicily … The myth tells that the Sicilian nymph Galatea fell in love with the young and handsome shepherd Aci, but the cyclops Polyphemus, in love with the nymph and jealous of the young shepherd, one day took the two lovers by surprise and, furious, threw a huge rock against Aci, killing him. To keep her lover alive, Galatea transformed his blood into the sources of the river. In this way, when the Aci river flows into the sea, Galatea the mermaid and Aci the spirit of the river can hug in the sea and love each other forever.

Galatea represents the everlasting love, the beauty of our land and sea, so plentiful of coral, incredible antique treasures, and enchanting legends …

Why I was attracted to this design: I love most of the Passione Ricamo designs. I know a lot people refer to this design as the “buttcrack” mermaid – but honestly, I think people need to grow up. To me she looks more realistic than many other mermaid designs. I also like the treasure and coral in the bottom right corner of the design.  This grounds the design, so it’s not just a mermaid plunked in the middle of water as so many other designs do. The bubbles are a cute touch. I can usually be won over by bubbles.

So why haven’t I stitched it? This was one of the three I was given at the same time along with Serendipity Fay.  This is the one I tried to kit up but haven’t quite finished yet.

Where can you buy it? This chart is definitely in print and can be purchased at all LNS or ONS stores for around $20.00 (US). Otherise you can order the design direct from Passione Ricamo for the sale price of €18.90 (Euro).

Discussion questions:  Do you stitch mermaids? What is your favourite mermaid design?  Remember there are no right or answers, because we all love and stitch different designs and are attracted to different elements in a design :)

13 Apr 2012: Still kitting it up, always kitting :)