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Griffon Bookmark by Dracolair Creations

Copyright Sarah Wu, Alex Wu, Dracolair Creations, 2006.

Griffon Bookmark by Dracolair Creations

Chart: This Dracolair Creations chart is printed on a double-sided, folded Letter/A4 cardboard sheet. The design is printed twice on the inside of the chart, once with the cross and fractional stitches only, the other showing the backstitch.  The gryphon motif is composed mainly of fractional stitches, so the symbols are quite small.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole Cross stitch, fractional stitches and backstitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, Rainbow Gallery Petite treasure Braid and Rainbow Gallery Sparkle Braid. Stitched on Wichelt 28ct or 32ct  “Queen Anne’s Lace” Jobelan.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: A griffon or Gryphon is yet another beautiful mythological beast; part eagle, part lion. With so many of my stitching friends also avid readers, bookmarks are perfect stitched gifts!

So why haven’t I stitched it?  While I love the design, the sheer amount of fractional stitches and backstitching makes this a very fiddly design. Too fiddly for me to bother with for most of my working life and now I doubt I have the eyesight and stitching ability to do justice to a design like this. I’m keeping the design in the hope that one day I will strike the balance of harmony and health to stitch designs such as this.

Where can you buy it? This design is still in print and can be specially ordered by your LNS or ONS of choice. Or you could order direct from Dracolair. You should pay around $US5.00.

Discussion questions: Given the increase in ebooks and the number of people switching to reading books electronically, are you still collecting bookmark designs or have a use for bookmarks?

Project Status:
23 Apr 2012: Still missing the Sparkle braid but realistically put away until health improves.