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Haunted Hardanger by Michelle Ink Needlework Designs

Copyright Michelle D Arsenault, Michelle Ink Designs, 2006. Distributed by Sitting Pretty Presents.

Michelle Ink Designs Sitting Pretty Presents

Haunted Hardanger by Michelle Ink Designs

Chart: I must confess I found difficulties with this Michelle Ink chart.  It is printed over ten pages, but does not break the design in logical places nor is there any indication or overlap so its difficult in places to find where the chart sections line up.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, satin stitch, kloster blocks, needleweaving, cornered doves eyes, woven bars, straight stitches and lazy daisies.

Materials: Thread Gatherer silks, Gloriana silks, Gentle Art cottons, ThreadworX cottons, Kreinik metallics and includes three metal charms. Stitched on Picture This Plus 32ct “Tarnish” Linen.

Designer’s Notes: “By special request, a haunted house to go with another piece of mine – All Things Halloween. I was told I have an eclectic use of hardanger in my designs and being as I had a hardanger witch – I was to build her a house! So here it is – ghost, owl and my witch’s broom to boot!”

Why I was attracted to this design: I love “Gothic” designs.  A good haunted house is always sure to attract my interest.  I’ve also been interested for years in expanding my repertoire into hardanger but I’m not interested in doilies – so this seemed the perfect answer!  Again I’ve lusted after this one for years but only acquired it into the stash recently.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  Like Love Potion #9, I finally acquired this chart as part of the Needle Delights closing down sale bargains in November 2011.  I have some of the threads in my stash, but not all, nor do I have the fabric for this one.  The main hold-up for this chart is the chart and instructions.  I could scrape together the money for the rest of the materials when necessary but I’ve been reluctant as I feel the Hardanger instructions are written for an experienced hardanger stitcher.  The written instructions are sketchy, many of the diagrams are completely unlabeled. This was not written for a nervous first-timer.  No this chart will be buried into the stash until I stitch a few other Hardanger designs and gain a familiarity with the styles and concepts.  Thankfully I have a series of instructions written by my friend Mariann to work through and at least one design by Abi Gurden who is a fantastic teacher.  Once I’ve worked through those, I should feel confident enough to come back to this.

Where can you buy it? This Michelle Ink chart can be bought via your LNS or directly from Stitching Pretty Presents for $18US.

Discussion questions: Am I being chicken?  Should I just finish kitting this up and stitch up the cross stitch section and then ask for help?  Or am I making the sensible decision in leaving it for later?  It’s not as if I have a dearth of other projects waiting for their turn to be stitched that would be easier to do … Has anyone stitched this?  Thoughts? Comments?

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12 Jan Partially kitted