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Copyright Jennifer L. Aikman-Smith, Dragon Dreams, 2007.

Overdyed Red Dragon by Dragon Dreams

Chart: This Dragon Dreams chart pack is printed on separate sheets of good quality Letter/A4 paper with a glossy cardstock cover.  This is a great improvement over the much earlier grey/green charts. The chart is printed over two pages with a ten-row overlap.  The symbols are printed quite small but this is an easy chart to follow. Jennifer does give permission to make a working copy, so you can enlarge the chart if needed.  The pack also contains basic Blackwork instructions.

Jennifer gives good instructions on how to change the colour palette of the dragon – from deciding your overall colour scheme to selecting each floss in turn to build up the palette.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches, backstitch and Blackwork.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, Caron Waterlilies silks, Caron Wildflowers cottons and Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid metallics. Stitched on Zweigart 28ct “White” Jazlyn or Lugana.

Designer’s Notes: Many stitcher’s particularly those of Welsh descent, have been asking me to design a red dragon for years. The only problem stemmed from my days playing Dungeons & Dragons where the beautiful red dragons were ALWAYS evil. Anyone who knows my dragons has to admit that they are about as far from evil nasty monsters as you can get. Finally I sketched this dragon one day and it looked too full of joy and dance to be evil, so I knew that red would work as a colour at last.

If you’d like to change the colour of this dragon, just see the notes inside and below then turn your imagination loose and see what happens! The combination of regular stitching and illustrative blackwork patterns in the wings and tummy areas means that this charming dragon stitches up quickly and will be ready to dance in no time at all!!

Why I was attracted to this design: I love Jennifer’s Dragons!  I love her artwork. I love blackwork and blackwork used in a modern setting. Geometric blackwork or bandwork blackwork holds no interest for me; it must be part of the narrative.  Here I love that her uses it to show the dragon scale belly and wings.

So why haven’t I stitched it? This was actually one of my planned 2012 starts before Project-a-Day was conceived. The last skein of thread needed arrived on Friday in the PawPrints closing down sale package. So this one might see some attention very soon!

Where can you buy it? Although Dragon Dreams does not sell direct to the public, this design is in print and can be bought or ordered at any LNS or ONS for around $10US.

Discussion questions:  I had this all set up to go on a piece of Cream Lugana.  Now I wonder if that is a little bland, now I have all of these other colour choices.  Suggestions?

Also what about you?  Would you stitch this in red – or would you change the dragon to a different colour – or would you not stitch the dragon at all?