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Fairy Dust by Nimuë

Copyright Nimuë Fée Main, Annaïck Chauvel, 2008. Original artwork Erlé Ferronnière.  

Fairy Dust by Nimuë

Chart: This Nimuë chart is printed on one large A3 sheet of yellow paper.  The design is printed nice and large, with the symbols very easy to see. This is helpful as this is a busy chart with the backstitching as thick lines laying over the top of the cross stitch symbols. The back stitching is colour coded in two very different colours so you can easily determine which colour is used where. As the cross stitch symbols are so large, you can easily see which symbol is which under the backstitching lines.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches and backstitch. This is one of those charts that uses backstitch to smooth out curves and through and over whole cross stitches instead of using fractional stitches. Personally I think this looks crude and sloppy in such an otherwise elegant design, especially around the fairy’s face.  If I stitch this design, I will alter stitches into or add fractional stitches near all of the backstitching lines.

Materials:  DMC stranded cottons and Adriafil mohair yarn. Stitched on Zweigart 32ct “Vintage” linen. One site suggests replacing the mohair with the more easily obtainable Rainbow Gallery Whisper thread and the fabric with Zweigart “Vintage Country Mocha” linen.

Designer’s Notes: Old Postcards Collection. Cross stitch embroidery, from an illustration in Erle Ferronnière, The Pursuit of Enchantment II éd.

Why I was attracted to this design: Actually I wasn’t.  I do love many of Nimuë’s designs but this particular one was bought as a present for mum.  She expressed a love for the picture and a desire to see this one stitched up one day if I had another little niece.

So why haven’t I stitched it? When the chart arrived, mum expressed extreme disappointment at the crudeness of the chart.  Knowing what Nimuë is capable of in some of her more elaborate and larger designs mum was not prepared for such a small chart to have all the complexity stripped away.  She fell out of love with the design.

Without her to stitch it for, I have no reason to stitch this chart. My sister was recently pregnant, so I considered stitching this design, adding fractional stitches where necessary to add a layer of depth to the design, but with my sister’s recent miscarriage and other family issues I don’t think I will be stitching anything for any future nieces or nephews for quite some time.

So this one is free to good home. This poor chart has had enough overly high levels of expectations and family baggage associated with it than any ten charts deserve.  This one needs to go to a good home where it will be appreciated for what it is, not foe what it isn’t.

Where can you buy it? This design can be purchased direct from Nimuë for €12.00 (Euro) or with added bits and pieces of your choice up to a full kit of €29.00 (Euro).

You can also order this design from a LNS or ONS for the same price, but kit is up yourself using less expensive alternatives.

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