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The Santa Collection Part 1 by Dimples Designs

Copyright Terrence Nolan, Dimples Designs, 2003.

Santa Collection Part 1 by Dimples Design

Chart: In this Dimples Designs pack, this one page chart is shown four times; each chart repeat highlighting a different section of the backstitching instructions. There is another page that gives the charts and placement for the one-over-one stitching for Santa’s eyes. This small design is quite complex with much confetti stitching and eight different types of backstitching, including backstitching in Rainbow Gallery Whisper Thread!  However the chart is very well laid out and the symbols are quite different and easy to read, so this complex design could be stitched by any stitcher with ease.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches, fractional stitches, petit point and backstitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cotton, Kreinik blending filament, Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid, Rainbow Gallery Whisper Thread and Mill Hill beads. Stitched on Wichelt 32ct “Lambswool” Linen.

Designer’s Notes: None. This design does have the companion piece Santa Collection Part 2, but that is not yet in my stash :)

Why I was attracted to this design: I like Christmas designs, but I prefer those that hark back to the older, more historic roots of the celebrations rather than the cheap and cheerful motifs we have today. This design certainly fits that bill.  It reminds me far more of the legends of St Nick than the modern Santa Claus. I also love Dimples Designs in general, I love the complexity and sophistication in the designs.

So why haven’t I stitched it? This is a relatively new addition to my stash and it has not been a high enough priority for me to spend my pennies kitting it up in the last couple of months.  I have a tendency to leave Christmas designs and start stitching them at the actual Christmas holiday period :)

Where can you buy it? This chart can still be bought from some LNS or ONS for $7.50 (US).

Discussion questions: When do you start your Christmas-themed stitching?

11 June 2012: Still kitting up