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Scheherazade by Papillon Creations

Copyright Yvonne Horn, Papillon Creations, 2007.

Scheherazade by Papillon Creations

This Papillon Creations chart was bought as a pdf file.  The pdf file does not have the traditional cover sheet of designer name, project title and project cover photo. Rather the design illustration is on the same page as the key to chart symbols, fabric sizing and stitching information.  As I don’t feel it proper to scan and reproduce that information, I have instead just put up a scan of just the four colour way illustrations.

Chart: The pdf chart covers six pages with a two-row overlap on each page.  The eight symbols are printed nice and large and have been chosen to be very well differentiated. Each colour block has a natural flow or progression so I could see this as a meditative project.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitches only. It is suitable to be stitched one-over-one or as a canvas work project.

Materials: Dinky Dyes silks or Gentle Arts Sampler Threads cottons or DMC stranded cottons. Fabric colours and types have not been provided.

Designer’s Notes: The name Scheherazade conjures up countless images — one thousand and one fabulous tales told on starry nights as the beautiful young princess tries to stave off execution by her husband King Shahryar. The tales are of genies, and treasure and magic carpet rides. And it is from those oriental carpets that this design takes its inspiration. It is a companion piece to Saint Sophia and, in the same way, four colourways are given. But of course, you could choose different colours to match your decor.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the colours in the design.  In multiple colourways. I am seriously contemplating stitching all four versions and hanging them together in a larger diamond or star pattern. I love  bold colours on black so the Shahryar and Ali Baba colourways immediately appeal! For this design though, I also like the subtler shades of the Sinbad & Aladdin colourways if I could find the right fabric to stitch them on.

So why haven’t I stitched it? This one has suffered the usual fate of the pdf charts. I haven’t seen it when browsing the charts so I’ve completely forgotten it when buying materials to kit up projects so this one has withered away … materials not bought. Until now.

I actually have a pretty good Dinky Dyes collection these days, so I will see which colourway I have the most threads for and I will finish kitting up that colourway! Or I have some black belfast at home, perhaps I should just kit up one of the two darker colourways first! From Yvonne’s gallery it appears this has only ever been stitched in the lighter colourways ….

Where can you buy it? Papillon Creations is very much still in business and this chart can be bought in paper form from your LNS or ONS for around $18.00 (US). Otherwise you can buy the pdf directly from Papillon Creations for €8.00 (Euro).

Discussion questions: Which colourway would *you* stitch first? Or would you come up with something completely different from any of these four?

28 June 2012: Still kitting up. I miss not having my stash at my fingertips.