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Seal by The Stitching Studio

Copyright Sue Coleman, The Stitching Studio, 2003.

Seal by Stitching Studio

Chart: This Stitching Studio chart is printed over six Letter/A4 pages with a four row overlap on each page.  There is a tab on each side that lists which page that side joins up to. Pages one and two also have insert charts that highlight areas of backstitching on the seal face and the seal pup face. The symbols are large and easily distinguished. The symbols can be clearly seen under the backstitching strokes. I like the chart layout!  The chartpack also includes a final page of instructions and helpful hints that specifies how to stitch fractional stitches on this chart.

Stitches: Patterns uses whole Cross Stitch, fractional stitches and backstitch.

Materials: DMC Stranded cottons. (some blended colours are used). Stitched on Zweigart 32ct “Antique White” linen.

Designer’s Notes: Sue Coleman has earned international recognition for her distinctive watercolor paintings. Especially popular have been her ‘Interpretive’ Northwest Coast Indian images, which have been reproduced and sold to collector’s worldwide.The Stitching Studio is proud to have been chosen to reproduce Sue Coleman’s watercolours into unique works in cross stitch.  By sharing her strict attention to detail together with a keen knowledge and awareness of Native Artwork, she has helped us to create designs that are authentic and delightful.

Why I was attracted to this design: This chart caters to both my love of arctic animals and my respect for shamanistic belief systems. The Pacific NorthWest is a fascinating area, anthropologically speaking.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I’m not sure. I usually like to add a bit of colour and movement into my pieces so for straight DMC I often substitute in hand dyed floss, to get that subtle shading or movement of colours. For designs on white or antique white fabric I usually try to substitute a different colour fabric or again a hand-dyed.  With this design being a conversion from a watercolour and the floss already blending DMC colours I’m not going to change those.  As these are two seals on ice, I’m not sure whether to change the fabric in the end or not. So as usual it sits in the stash; a result of my indecision.

Where can you buy it? Your LNS or ONS should be able to easily or this in from Stitching Studio for you. You should pay around $16.00 (US).

Discussion questions: Should I stitch this on antique white? Or look for a very very subtle hand dyed fabric?

Project Status:
17 May 2012 – Partially kitted