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Silver Medieval Sampler by Eve Rêve

Copyright Eve Rêve, distributed by Dessins DHC, 2005.

Silver Medieval Sampler by Eve Rêve

Chart: This Eve Rêve chart pack is printed in two panels on a folded A3 page. The chart pages have been photocopied on a cheap copier rather than being printed fresh and the symbols are small, however they are easy to distinguish. So this design can be stitched. I don’t recommend making an enlarged working copy, simply because the original is just not a good enough quality to make one from.  This cheap-ass photocopying seems to be a “hallmark” of Dessins DHC distributing.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch and backstitching. The backstitching varies; some in one strand, some in two strands. Something to consider of you want to stitch this one-one-over.

Materials: DMC stranded cottons. Stitched on 32ct linen.

Designer’s Notes: None. There is a companion design Gold Medieval Sampler.

Why I was attracted to this design: The fabric.  I adored the shades of white and pale grey on that luscious hand dyed silvery purple fabric. I wanted to find out what that fabric was and get my hands on some.

So why haven’t I stitched it? The chart does not list the fabric used in the model. Neither does the Dessins DHC site. I know there was a hand-dyed fabric produced for this design, but I cannot find out what it was, and it is driving me batty!  I have had this chart for at least five years and I cannot find this fabric!

Where can you buy it? This design can be specially ordered in by your LNS or ONS or you can order it direct from Dessins DHC for $13.21 (US).

Discussion questions: Any suggestions on where I could look next to find this fabric? Does anyone speak French and could ask the designer? Alternatively any suggestions of another beautiful silvery purple fabric I could substitute in these two designs?

Project Status:
8 June 2012: Tearing my hair out over fabric