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St Sylvestre by Long Dog Samplers

Copyright Julia Line, Long Dog Samplers, date unknown.

St Sylvestre by Long Dog Designs

Chart: This Long Dog Samplers chart is printed over two double-sided Letter/A4 pages with a five-row overlap. The symbols are small, but as this is a monochrome design, there’s no problem following the pattern or discerning the symbols. If you mark of your chart, I would recommend making a working copy; chart panels on both sides of the page can become messy.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole Cross stitch, backstitch and blackwork.

Materials: Stitcher’s choice of floss and fabric. No model stitch information was provided. The chartpack provides no instructions on fabric threadcount, number of threads to use when stitching or number of threads to use for backstitch or blackwork. All of these decisions are left to the stitcher.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: Five or so years ago, Long Dog Samplers were all the rage and it seemed like everyone was stitching one or more of the early monochrome designs.  I bought three of the charts and then spent ages selecting just the right fabric and floss combination for one, but for some reason I didn’t start stitching of them.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  I was attracted because I loved all the different variations I saw other people stitching, but I take so long to choose floss and fabric combinations that I generally give up in exasperation and just put the chart back in the stash.

Where can you buy it? This design can be easily ordered through your LNS or ONS for $13.00 (US). Alternatively if you are desperate and can send cheques in Euros, Pounds or an International Money Order, you can order the design direct from Long Dog Samplers for €8.00 (Euro).

Discussion questions: How do you decide on a fabric and floss combination for a design such as this? Where do you start? Do you start with the colours in the model or do start with your favourite colour?

Project Status:
29 Apr 2012: Highly confused on colour choices