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Tawny Owl by Holbein Embroideries

Copyright Holbein Embroideries, date unknown.

Tawny Owl by Holbein Embroideries

My we’ve had the bird charts this week!

Chart: This Holbein Embroideries chart is printed on a double-sided folded A3 sheet. The instructions are printed on the outside. On the inside left panel is the chart with heavy outline lines only; the inside right panel shows the outline and the fill-in lines. There are no instructions or maps for any of the fill-in patterns. There is no discussion on how to stitch any of the blackwork patterns in the design beyond a simple backstitch diagram.

Unfortunately my copy appears to be a photocopy of a bad photocopy made with a copier that needed cleaning. The copy has roller marks and copier spots all over it. Frankly I’d be better off stitching from the cover photo than trying to read the pattern. Most disappointing!

Stitches: Pattern uses whole cross stitch, Blackwork and whipped backstitch.

Materials: Anchor stranded cotton and Anchor silver thread. Stitched on 18ct “White” Aida.

Designer’s Notes: None.

Why I was attracted to this design: This was bought to stitch as a present for my friend Claire, who loves owls.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I didn’t open the chart when I first bought it so it was a long time before I realised I had a dud chart on my hands. I was so disappointed that when the time came to stitch it up, I chose a different present for Claire’s birthday. I haven’t felt like going back and buying another copy of this chart or taking the time to stitch this one regardless of the problems of the chart.

Where can you buy it? Holbein Embroideries often sell these designs as kits.  This one can be ordered in by your LNS or ONS for £13.25 (UK).

Discussion questions: Well seeing as you have been so wonderful at fabric recommendations this week, what do you recommend for this one?  The thread used in this design is Anchor 381 (DMC 938) and a little silver.