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The Great Escape by Abi Gurden

Copyright Abi Gurden 2011, Distributed via The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group

Abi Gurden Stitch Specialists

The Great Escape by Abi Gurden

Chart: This chart is being given as a stitch-a-long teaching piece to members of The Stitch Specialists Yahoo Group.  Each segment of the chart comes with a page or more of instructions on how to do each stitch and Abi Gurden, the designer is available in the group to offer one-on-one advice.

Stitches: As this is an ongoing SAL the whole pattern has not yet been unveiled. The stitches so far have been Montenegrin stitch, Feather stitch, Basque stitch, Sorbello stitch, Cretan Catch, Long stitch, Satin stitch, Jessica Stitch, Diamond Eyelet, Sprat’s Head, Oyster stitch, Breton stitch and Wheat’s Ear.

Materials: As this is a stitch-a-long you can select your own materials. The model was stitched with Gloriana thread on Sparklies hand-dyed fabric.

Designer’s Notes: “I hope you will have lots of fun stitching this little group of ‘critters’ in their moonlit idyll!”

Why I was attracted to this design: I love Abi’s designs.  She incorporates specialty stitches into a tableau instead of just a boring band sampler or geometric like so many others out there. Her pieces are enjoyable for a non-stitcher to view as well as for the stitcher to stitch. She is a superb teacher and I appreciate the chance to stretch my capabilities in a safe, friendly helpful atmosphere.

So why haven’t I stitched it?  I actually have two of her earlier Stitch-a-longs languishing as unfinished projects.  Should I really add a third?  OK I’ll be honest, I’ve started this one twice, (the second time was today) and I’ve stuffed it up twice (the second time was today). With the migraines and loss of associated mental faculties I’m just not very good at following new directions these days.  Perhaps some nice straight-forward cross stitch is more my speed right now. Time to hunt down a simple design for tomorrow’s project I think.

Where can you buy it? This project is being taught for free.  To obtain it, and access to the wonderful teacher, join the wonderful stitchers at The Stitch Specialists group.  Although The Great Escape stitch-a-long is up to part 7, there is a group of stitchers about to start Part 1, so come and join in the fun.

Discussion questions: Should I give this another go?  Have you joined this SAL?  Where are you up to in the SAL?  Add in a link to your progress pics in the comments please – if I can’t stitch it myself, I can follow everyone else’s progress :)


5 Jan 2012: About to start again for the third time.

6 Mar 2012: I’ve left the Stitch Specialist’s group and this SAL has not yet ended nor are all the parts available. So we’ll put this in the given away pile.