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Double Delights Turple by Needle Delights Originals

Copyright Kathy Rees, Needle Delights Originals, 2012.

Kathy Rees

Double Delights Turple by Needle Delights Originals

Chart: This Needle Delights Originals chart is printed in three sections, first a full-page picture of the overall design, then individual stitching charts and instructions for stitching the centre, the background behind the centre and finally the border. Each section includes instructions on which colour to use with which stitch, full numbered diagrams on how to complete each speciality stitch and other valuable information such as when the left and right sides of the design are mirror imaged and why that affects the path of your stitching.

Stitches: Pattern uses Straight stitch, Satin stitch, Cashmere stitch, Rhodes stitch and Scotch stitch.

Materials: Caron watercolours, Caron Impressions, Rainbow Gallery Neon Rays, Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame and Kreinik #12 Braid. Stitched on 18ct White Mono Canvas.

Designer’s Notes: “Double Delights” along with “Color Delights” are a series of designs which are studies in color and texture. Double Delights focuses on color combinations. Turple is my combination of turquoise and purple, two of my favourite colours! The alternative colourway listed combines threads used in previously released Colour Delights designs (Copper & Turquoise). Please feel free to use your own selection of threads or a variety of color within the design.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love the Needle Delights studies in colour and texture. I have quite a few of the “Color Delights” series already in my stash, so when Kathy announced the new “Double Delights” series, I signed up, sight unseen. Also when Kathy said this series was going to be available in new colourways or you could use existing colourways from older “Colour Delights” charts I was “delighted”.  There are a lot of different types of threads in these designs that I simply have no further use for, so using up leftover thread in a new design excited me.

So why haven’t I stitched it? I somehow misunderstood the “double” part, so when this turned up in the mail and it was equal parts blue and purple I was highly confused and a little taken aback for a little while. Especially as these are very berry purples, not the sort I would put with these turquoise blues.

But I join these autos because I love seeing what other people can do with colour, not because I expect them to do exactly what I would do.  Also I have been staring at this kit for nearly a month and I have also been staring at my new evertite frame kit for about a month.  I really think it’s time to stop staring, put the frame together and start stitching.

Where can you buy it? This chart is quite new and be purchased via your LNS or ONS for $10.00 (US). Or you can contact Kathy directly at Needle Delights Originals and she will be happy to kit it up for you.

Discussion questions: Have you stitched any of Needle Delights Originals designs? Do you like the Colour Delights or this new Double Delights series?  Does anyone want the chart when I’m finished?

3 Apr 2012: Ready to start