Tuxedo Tea for Two by Debbie Draper Designs 

Tuxedo Tea for Two by Debbie Draper Designs

Copyright Debbie Draper, Debbie Draper Designs, artwork by Susan Wrisley, 2007.

Tuxedo Tea for Two by Debbie Draper Designs

Chart: This small Debbie Draper Designs chart is printed on a single Letter/A4 page with the floss listing, instructions etc on a second page.  The symbols are nice and large so the design is easily followed. The symbols are a nice mix of heavy, dark, filled motifs and light simple characters which makes it easier to see the design in the chart.  The backstitching is easily discerned with a heavy black line. The biggest concern for this design would be being bored to death while stitching the background.

Stitches: Pattern uses whole Cross stitch and backstitch.

Materials: DMC stranded cottons. Stitched on Wichelt 28ct “White” Jobelan.

Designer’s Notes: There’s nothing better than a nice hot cup of tea on a chilly autumn day! I always start out with my favourite teacup – meaning whichever teacup the furry kids haven’t broken … yet. Then I heat some water, set out the teabag, spoon and honey and wait. Within minutes there are cats in, on and around my teacup, and fur floating in the hot water. Aaah, purrfect! Like I said, there’s nothing better than a bunch of warm kitties on a chilly autumn day! story by artist Susan Wrisley.

Why I was attracted to this design: I love these cats.  Debbie designed a whole series of charts with these little cats in them and I fell in love with them all. They are so cute!  The designs are full of bright, bold, cheerful colours!

So why haven’t I stitched it?  I’ve stitched one of these cat designs a few years ago.  I stitched Jasper in Bloom while I was commuting via train to work. He was a fun stitch, but he became very tedious very quickly.  I can see the background here becoming the same.  I’m wondering if, rather than stitching this on white fabric, whether to stitch it on a fabric similar to DMC 807 Pond Blue and then just frame it up to the border.

Actually I have some Zweigart Alluring Blue fabric at home – that might just be close enough to work.  Will have to give this a go when I am reunited with my main stash!

Where can you buy it? As this is an older design, you may need to look around for a LNS or ONS to specially order it in for you. You should pay around $6.00 (US).

Discussion questions: I didn’t realise unto now, that the designs weren’t Debbie Draper’s original artwork.  Have a look at the art site for Susan Wrisley.  I’m so tempted to buy some of her other cat-themed work such as the polymer earrings with these cats on them.

Which other designer did you wish produced elements of their designs in a different medium?  Which item and in which medium?

Project Status:
5 July 2012: Will investigate fabric choice when reunited with stash.